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Execution Layer Rewards Configuration

Node Operators who run validators for Lido are required to set the fee recipient for the relevant validators to the protocol-managed LidoExecutionLayerRewardsVault which manages Execution Layer Rewards. This address differs depending on the network (Mainnet, testnet, etc.) and is not the same as the Withdrawal Credentials address.

This smart contract address can also be retrieved by querying the elRewardsVault() method in the LidoLocator contract.

The address is also available in the Deployed Contracts docs page, labeled as Execution Layer Rewards Vault.

Fee recipient options for various Beacon Chain clients

Beacon chain clients offer a variety of methods for configuring the fee recipient. For some clients the fee recipient option should be applied with other options, see reference pages for specific client. Please note that most clients also support setting the fee recipient on a per-validator key basis (e.g. for Teku this can be achieved via the proposer config. Consult the docs for each client for specific instructions.

Consensus clientCLI optionCLI reference page
Teku--validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient=<ADDRESS>Teku CLI options
Lighthouse--suggested-fee-recipient=<ADDRESS>Lighthouse Fee Recipient Config
Nimbus--suggested-fee-recipient=<ADDRESS>Nimbus Fee Recipient Info
Prysm--suggested-fee-recipient=<ADDRESS>Prysm CLI options
Lodestar--chain.defaultFeeRecipient=<ADDRESS>Lodestar CLI options
Consensus clientCLI optionCLI reference page
Teku--builder-endpoint=<URL>Teku MEV integration
LighthouseBN: --builder=<URL> VC: --builder-proposalsLighthouse MEV integration
Nimbus--payload-builder=true --payload-builder-url=<URL>Nimbus MEV integration
Prysm--http-mev-relay=<URL>Prysm MEV integration
LodestarBN: --builder --builder.urls=<URL> VC: --builderLodestar MEV integration

Relays and MEV-Boost options

List of possible relays that have been approved by DAO can be fetched by querying the get_relays() method in MevBoostRelayAllowedList contract.


./mev-boost -mainnet -relay-check -relay <comma-separated relay urls>


./mev-boost -goerli -relay-check -relay <comma-separated relay urls>

Full list of MEV-boost CLI options can be found here MEV-Boost CLI Options