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Keys API

Simple Lido keys and validators HTTP API.


  1. 2 core CPU
  2. 5 GB RAM
    • Keys-API-DB — 500MB
    • Keys-API — 4GB
  3. EL Full node
  4. CL node for applications like the Ejector that use the validators API. For Teku, please use the archive mode. Nimbus is currently not supported.

Environment Variables

An annotated env sample is available in the repository:

How to Run

For running Keys Api, please use a stable version's image hash, available here.

Below you can find a docker-compose example for running the service with a database.

To run using docker-compose:

docker-compose up

Now you can access the API on http://localhost:${PORT}/api.


Prometheus metrics will be available on endpoint http://localhost:${PORT}/metrics.

You can find configs and dashboards for running Prometheus and Grafana locally in the repository: Grafana, Prometheus.

Example of a docker-compose.yml with metrics setup:

Additional Resources

Keys API GitHub Repository (Open Source)

API and internal logic documentation