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How to Bridge Tokens through Jumpgate

Jumpgates are a class of contracts that facilitate cross-chain token transfers under DAO operations. Each jumpgate is set up to work with a particular token and a pre-defined recipient. Below is the procedure of transferring tokens using a jumpgate.

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1. Verify Jumpgate

In this step we will be making sure that the jumpgate is correctly configured. You will only need to do this once because jumpgates are non-upgradeable contracts.

Go to Etherscan and open the Jumpgate page. Click the "Contract" tab, the green check mark confirms that the source code is verified. Check the parameters:

2. Transfer tokens to Jumpgate

The jumpgate is agnostic to how tokens were received. You can either transfer tokens directly or in the context of DAO operations via an Aragon vote or Easytrack transfer motion.

3. Bridge Tokens

Now we can send tokens through the bridge. We cannot input the amount of tokens to bridge and the jumpgate will transfer the entirety of its token balance.

Open "Write contract" tab and connect your wallet by clicking the "Connect to Web3" button. We will now expand bridgeTokens function and click "Write". Remember that this function is permissionless and you can initiate the transfer from any account as long as you have enough ether for gas.

4. Claim tokens

Claiming process may be different depending on the bridge but for now all jumpgates only support Wormhole Token Bridge. We will be using Portal Bridge (formerly Wormhole) website to claim tokens on Solana.

  • To go Portal Bridge website Redeem page and connect your Ethereum wallet. Select "Token" in "Type" dropdown and "Ethereum" in "Source Chain". Paste the hash of the bridgeTokens transaction. At first, this should produce an error because it takes some time for Portal Bridge to process the bridge transaction. Try this step again in 10-20 minutes and click "Recover" button.

  • "Recover" will redirect you to "Tokens" tab, where you will be able to confirm the recipient address. Connect your Solana wallet, click "Redeem". You will be prompted to sign a few transactions. Once those are confirmed, you will be able to see the tokens on the recipient.