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DAO voting with Etherscan

This how to vote on Lido DAO Aragon with Etherscan UI

Video guide


Get the address of the Lido DAO Aragon Voting contract from Deployed Contracts page. It should be: 0x2e59A20f205bB85a89C53f1936454680651E618e.

Get the vote id, either from voting ui:

or from Etherscan:

  1. Open "Contract/Read as Proxy" tab
  2. Get the total number of the votes from votesLength method (number 21 on Etherscan page)

  1. If you're looking to vote on the last vote, take votesLength - 1 as an id. If the votesLength is 89, last vote would have the id 88
  2. You can check the vote data with getVote method (number 6 on Etherscan page)


  1. Open "Contract / Write as Proxy" tab on Etherscan
  2. Connect Etherscan UI to Web3 with either MetaMask or WalletConnect

  1. Use method vote (number 6 on the Etherscan Page)

  • _voteId is the vote id from the point 2.
  • _supports is the flag of whether you're voting for (type true) or against (type false) the vote
  • _executesIfDecided is the flag to enact the vote if it could be executed right away in the tx sending the vote, true or false; from the experience of the previous votes, you may leave that as false
  1. Fill in the parameters _voteId, _supports & _executesIsDecided and send the transaction

  1. Sign the transaction

That's it! 🎉