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Guide to being a signer at any Lido DAO multisigs

Lido DAO uses multisig wallet for different ops for flexibility and fast reaction times. Here's a list of general tips & rules around being the signer:

  1. Use hardware wallet & back up the seed phrase.
  2. Upon joining to any multisig make sure to verify the address according to the guide.
  3. Check transactions you see on the multisig. If it's unclear to what the transaction should do and why — don't sign it and ask for explanation.
  4. Every transaction should have "how to check" guide.
    1. Addresses & sums in question should be verifiable through third party sources (message from your fellow multisig co-signer doesn't cut it).
    2. Technical checks, if those are required (i.e.for smart contract interaction), should rely on ready-made third party software and not custom scripts & UIs.
  5. While requesting the signatures tell explicitly whether the transaction can be executed right away or would need to wait for something.
  6. Communicate once you've checked and signed the transaction ("checked, signed, X more required").
  7. If the transaction can be executed right away — the last signer does it. If they can't do for any reason — communicate it.
  8. If you're executing already signed transaction — make sure to check it as if you were signing it.