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Checking the evm script from Aragon vote

We've published a short replit from the script parts we're using for preparing the votes:

Checking the evm script

  1. Start replit.

    1. Open the replit script
    2. Click big green RUN button at the top.
    3. The script will start installing dependencies — this takes couple minutes.
  2. Get the evm script from the vote.

    1. Open voting contract on etherscan 0x2e59A20f205bB85a89C53f1936454680651E618e#readProxyContract (can check the voting contract address in Deployed contracts.
    2. Check the getVote method (sixth in the list): enter the vote in question, push query.
    3. Copy the script text (long string starting with 0x).
  3. Check the script

    1. Get back to replit, wait for setup to pass.
    2. The replit will ask for the evm script — paste the text from etherscan and push enter to see the actions in the script.

That's it! 💪🎉🏝

How to check the replit itself

  • One can compare the parsing results for already passed votes with descriptions on Aragon UI (vote 86 may be a cool example)
  • The replit code is available under Show files button on the left; it's heavily based on the scripts & tooling from the scripts repo