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StableSwapStateOracle is deprecated and not intended to be used as a part of external integrations.

A trustless oracle for the ETH/stETH Curve pool using Merkle Patricia proofs of Ethereum state.

Contract receives and verifies the report from the offchain code, and persists the verified state along with its timestamp.

The oracle assumes that the pool's fee and A (amplification coefficient) values don't change between the time of proof generation and submission.


The oracle works by verifying Merkle Patricia proofs of the following Ethereum state:

  • Curve stETH/ETH pool contract account and the following slots from its storage trie:

    • admin_balances[0]
    • admin_balances[1]
  • stETH contract account and the following slots from its storage trie:

    • shares[0xDC24316b9AE028F1497c275EB9192a3Ea0f67022]
    • keccak256("lido.StETH.totalShares")
    • keccak256("lido.Lido.beaconBalance")
    • keccak256("lido.Lido.bufferedEther")
    • keccak256("lido.Lido.depositedValidators")
    • keccak256("lido.Lido.beaconValidators")

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function getState() external view returns (
uint256 _timestamp,
uint256 _etherBalance,
uint256 _stethBalance,
uint256 _stethPrice

Returns current state of oracle

Return ParameterTypeDescription
_timestampuint256The timestamp of the proven pool state/price
_etherBalanceuint256The proven ETH balance of the pool
_stethBalanceuint256The proven stETH balance of the pool
_stethPriceuint256The proven stETH/ETH price in the pool


function getProofParams() external view returns (
address poolAddress,
address stethAddress,
bytes32 poolAdminEtherBalancePos,
bytes32 poolAdminCoinBalancePos,
bytes32 stethPoolSharesPos,
bytes32 stethTotalSharesPos,
bytes32 stethBeaconBalancePos,
bytes32 stethBufferedEtherPos,
bytes32 stethDepositedValidatorsPos,
bytes32 stethBeaconValidatorsPos,
uint256 advisedPriceUpdateThreshold

Returns values of proof params



function setAdmin(address _admin) external

Passes the right to set the suggested price update threshold to a new address.

Parameter NametypeDescription
_adminaddressNew admin address


function setPriceUpdateThreshold(uint256 _priceUpdateThreshold) external

Sets the suggested price update threshold.

Parameter NametypeDescription
_priceUpdateThresholduint256The suggested price update threshold. Expressed in basis points, 10000 BP corresponding to 100%.


function submitState(
bytes memory _blockHeaderRlpBytes,
bytes memory _proofRlpBytes
) external

Used by the offchain clients to submit the proof


Reverts unless:

  • the block the submitted data corresponds to is in the chain;
  • the block is at least MIN_BLOCK_DELAY blocks old
  • all submitted proofs are valid
Parameter NametypeDescription
_blockHeaderRlpBytesbytesRLP-encoded block header
_proofRlpBytesbytesRLP-encoded list of Merkle Patricia proofs.

_proofRlpBytes contains next encoded variables in exact order:

  1. proof of the Curve pool contract account;
  2. proof of the stETH contract account;
  3. proof of the admin_balances[0] slot of the Curve pool contract;
  4. proof of the admin_balances[1] slot of the Curve pool contract;
  5. proof of the shares[0xDC24316b9AE028F1497c275EB9192a3Ea0f67022] slot of stETH contract;
  6. proof of the keccak256("lido.StETH.totalShares") slot of stETH contract;
  7. proof of the keccak256("lido.Lido.beaconBalance") slot of stETH contract;
  8. proof of the keccak256("lido.Lido.bufferedEther") slot of stETH contract;
  9. proof of the keccak256("lido.Lido.depositedValidators") slot of stETH contract;
  10. proof of the keccak256("lido.Lido.beaconValidators") slot of stETH contract.